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Tips on Buying Spinner Luggage


Wheeled luggage has made easier to transport your travel items through busy airports. Usually, a carry on spinner luggage has four wheels which can turn 360 degrees. This allows you to move through the crowds with a lot of ease. Moreover, spinner luggage does not need to be tipped for it to roll. In this way, it functions as a shopping cart. Thus, it will put less strain on the carrier’s shoulders. The following are some useful tips to follow to ensure you choose the best luggage which is right for you.

Sturdy wheels

5r luggage 5t1Spinner wheels are of two types: wheels with double blades and those with a single blade. The good thing about double wheels is that they provide a lot of control. You need to ensure the wheels are sturdy. Also, they should be rugged. This is because they are not protected or recessed by the body. Thus, the right spinner luggage should have reinforced, rigid corners to offer you proper support. The wheels that are attached using screws are more secure as compared to those that are riveted.

Lightweight shells

You are free to buy spinner luggage with either a soft or a hard shell. Whatever you prefer, ensure the shell of the bag is padded or strong enough to protect the belongings. It should also be light enough to comply with the various airline weight limits. The right luggage should weigh about 10 pounds when empty, have padded, thick panels.

Spinner sets

The good thing about spinner sets is that they can be used for any given trip. This is attributed to its increased convenience of spinner wheels. When a bag is heavier, you will put a lot of strain on it. Fortunately, a bag with spinner wheels helps alleviate back strain as it can be rolled as you walk.

Luggage style

5r luggage 6tg1Luggage that has convenient features does not have to lack style or quality. A lot of luggage companies now provide patterns, prints, and fabrics that can satisfy your style. Also, when a bag is unique, it is less likely to be mixed up at the airport. Therefore, you should choose a bold color or print to spot your luggage at an affordable cost.

Helpful reviews

It is a good idea to read reviews about other shoppers’ experiences. They can help you choose the right suitcases. Therefore, look for reviews about the strength and maneuverability of the wheels.

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