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How To Keep Asthma Under Control


Living with asthma can be a difficult task regardless of your age. However if you educate yourself on this illness, understand how your body gets affected as well as how to control this. You need to know some health tips to help you control your condition.

Health tips for keeping asthma in control

Schedule consultation with your doctor


This is the biggest and the most important tool for you to fight asthma. The doctors have education and experience that is vital in reducing the symptoms of asthma. Visiting your doctor regularly helps in determining the trigger factors of asthma and the doctors can also advise on how you can control the situation better.

Recognize the symptoms

For most people, asthma attacks tend to sneak on them, and the situation gets out of control before they know it. Carefully monitoring the symptoms will help you have a good idea of when you are likely to be attacked.

Learn what triggers an attack

Understanding the factors that trigger these attacks can help you keep control over this condition. Weather changes can affect the breathing ability of an asthmatic so understanding the trigger factors of the condition can help you know the right time for taking your medications and the medications you need to take.

Plan fruit and vegetable diet

Vegetables and fruits are antioxidants, so it is vital to add them to your diet plan. Vitamins C and E are naturally anti-inflammatory and can help in reducing swelling of the lungs and irritation.

Keep your weight down

Being overweight can lead to more asthma attacks in an individual. Keeping down your weight reduces the number of asthma symptoms you experience. Losing even a few pounds can make a great difference as far as asthma attacks are concerned.

Keep a journal on the symptoms

Whenever you are diagnosed with asthma, you need to a journal of the symptoms as it may help to discover the actual cause of the attacks. Every entry should have the symptom you are feeling and any reading from the peak flow meter.

Education on medication

healthrightsvbdhfjgkMost people when treated for asthma follow simply the doctor’s instruction on their medication. You may, however, be on different medications with each giving a different result. For instance, one medicine may be for prevention, and another can be used as a steroid for more serious episodes.

These health tips can be useful in keeping your asthma attacks in control.







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