Factors to consider when buying a breathalyzer


A breathalyzer is a very important device that helps you make sensible and life-saving decisions. With many models available in the stores some cheap and some expensive it may be difficult for you to decide which breathalyzer to purchase. You can decide to have a personal breathalyzer or a general one for the workplace.


Getting a breathalyzer with a replaceable sensor is very convenient in case you need your breathalyzer daily. This will also prevent you from taking it for Calibration Management after every 6months. Having a replaceable sensor, you don’t have to calibrate your breathalyzer instead you can have a spare of a calibrated sensor, and you will always have your breathalyzer with you.


You need to calibrate your breathalyzer to ensure it is always accurate. For personal breathalyzers, it should be calibrated every six months, and for the workplace, it should be one year. If you don’t calibrate it with the required frequency, it will give you false readings or high readings. This is why it is important to buy a breathalyzer that has been serviced and calibrated. If you get one that has not been serviced overtime, it will stop working and cannot be serviced rather be thrown away.


When you want to purchase a breathalyzer, you have to research on the price to Know your target. There some that are expensive and some cheap, it all depends on your pocket size. You can find their prices online or consult friends who have a similar breathalyzer that you want. You can also check the reviews on the internet to know how much you have to save to meet the price of a breathalyzer that you want.


When choosing a breathalyzer, you have to get one that is portable. This will enable you to travel with it wherever you go. A portable breathalyzer device that is portable can be used anywhere at your point of convenience.

User friendly

A user-friendly breathalyzer encourages the user to use the device with lots of ease and comfort. When purchasing a breathalyzer, you have to choose one that you can manage to use without difficulty. The user should enjoy using the device all the time.


Accuracy is a very important factor to consider when you want to buy a good breathalyzer. An accurate device will give you a good result without false indication or very high readings. An accurate result will make you trust it. Accuracy also builds the confidence in the results that you are expecting.

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