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What To Consider When Buying An Electric Razor


Whether you are considering buying your first electric razor or upgrading to a newer and better razor, you need to know the factors and aspects you should put to consideration. Starters need to know the features to look for in the best electric razor they want to buy. It is worth noting that there are different types of electric razors including wet or dry, rotary or foil and Braun or Norelco razors among other razors. Here are the main considerations to make when shopping for the best electric razor:

Blade options

rtyhfbgfewreThe type of blade in an electric razor determines how well and smoothly the razor will shave. Due to this, it is necessary to take great caution and care when choosing the right razor. There are razors with super-fine blades that give extra smooth shaves. There are different variations of blades in shaving razors to address the needs of everyone. There are razors which are equipped with pop out trimmers for trimming sideburns and cutting long hairs with great ease. There are razors that come with adjustable blade lengths for a better and smoother shaving depending on the type of hair you are shaving.


Speed in an electric razor refers to how fast the shaving blade moves. Razors with low blade speeds often lead to lousy and uncomfortable shaves. Therefore, if you want to have a fine and smooth shave, you should opt for a razor with a high shaving speed such as 10000 Cycles-Per-Minute. Additionally, blades with high CPM are gentle on the skin and thus are great for people with sensitive skin.


The price of electric razors is determined by factors such as features, quality, functionality, performance, and brand among other factors. The cost of these razors can be as little as $20 to as high as over $1,000. You necessarily do not have to spend too much on an electric razor as you can still purchase a good quality razor at an affordable cost. Obviously, quality is closely related to cost, but with a good research and market analysis, you can still get a good quality razor for a few hundred dollars. Always purchase a reputable brand as such razors are very durable and designed to last for long.

Power consumption

There are three main types of electric razors on the basis and characterization of power consumption. There are those that are battery powered, corded razors and those that come with plug-in charging units. Battery powered razors are operated using AA batteries and are mobile. Corded razors use electricity to operate and can only be used in places with electricity supply. On the other hand, razors that come with plug-in charging units function just like battery powered razors only that these razors are charged using electricity.

It is advisable to buy only modern electric razors as such razors come with the best features and have excellent functionality and performance. As such, they are expressly reliable and can be used for a long duration without breaking or becoming faulty. You should read reviews of electric razors on the internet so that you can identify the best quality razor to purchase.







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